Helen Backhouse

Animal Portrait Artist.

I was trained at the Harrow College of Art where I qualified as an illustrator and
I now specialise in animal & pet portraiture and work exclusively in water colour.
I do not confine myself to domestic animals, in fact I will consider any potential animal or bird subject.

I have tended to be very selective in my commissions and therefore have not attempted to over-commercialise my talents, as a result I try and give my customers my undivided attention.
Many of the commissions I have undertaken of people's pets and animals are to be found not only in this nation's great houses, but as far away as Australia, Kenya, Switzerland and the USA.

In undertaking a commission, the animal is painted from photographs - which I prefer to take myself, to ensure the best results. If I am unable to photograph a potential animal subject, photographs taken by the owner will be accepted - if suitable and of sufficient clarity. I will gladly give you a few guidelines on how to get the best results.

If I photograph a subject, then a modest charge for travelling expenses will be made.
There is a selection of some of my commissions for viewing on the
commissions pages.

If you need to make contact, please use the link below.